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Odagada @ Dublin, California

After a few hours of post-Christmas shopping at the San Francisco Premium Outlet (formerly known as Livermore Outlet) at Livermore, we were famished. So instead of driving 45 minutes back to San Jose to eat, we decide to go to Dublin which was only 7 minutes away. Surprisingly there were many dining options available. We finally decided on KFC – Korean Fried Chicken.
Odagada After placing our orders, we were given some banchan (side dishes) and salad.

Braised Potato, Fish Cake and Kimchi
Pickled radishes. We thought that they were 3 different pickles but they ended up tasting the same. Just different colors! 😛
Salad which was simple yet refreshing

Our main entree – Korean Fried Chicken. This is called the half & half – half fried and half fried and coated in sweet & spicy sauce. It also came with a dipping sauce for those who like the plain fried and dipped in a little sauce.
Odagada - Fried Chicken

We also got the Pajeon – Seafood Pancake. I like this dish because the ratio of seafood to pancake dough was just right. Sometimes the seafood pancake can be too doughy.
Odagada - Seafood Pancake

and finally Kimchi Fried Rice. If you like Spam, then this is good but not for those who do not like Spam.
Odagada - Kimchi Fried Rice

Overall it was a good meal. Not fancy but feels like a home cooked meal. This is a great place for chicken and beer. They have a fancy beer tower that you can order if you go in a group.

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