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Bento #246 – Chicken Bento

Bento#246  ChickenBento

It’s been a while since I last posted a bento post. I am still packing lunch for the kiddo but lately it has been the same lunch thus not worthy to be posted. Blame it on the lazy mom!! 😛 Hopefully with the sky getting brighter, I will be more awake to take more photos in the morning. Anyway, for today’s bento, I packed some homemade panko-crusted chicken strips with BBQ sauce on the side. I also packed fresh corn sprinkled with a dash of cayenne pepper. For some reason, the kiddo is on a spicy kick. So she specifically requested for a little spiciness for her corn. Also included are an orange and a little chocolate for the sweet tooth.

Thanks to all who are still dropping by to check out my bentos. Hope you will all have a great week ahead! Happy Bento-ing!


Odagada @ Dublin, California

After a few hours of post-Christmas shopping at the San Francisco Premium Outlet (formerly known as Livermore Outlet) at Livermore, we were famished. So instead of driving 45 minutes back to San Jose to eat, we decide to go to Dublin which was only 7 minutes away. Surprisingly there were many dining options available. We finally decided on KFC – Korean Fried Chicken.

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Yee Sang ( CNY Prosperity Toss Salad )

Yee Sang ( Yu Sheng)

Happy Chinese New Year!! Today is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. Wishing all those who are celebrating a very Blessed and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!

Yee Sang (also known as Yu Sheng, Lou Sang) is a must-have dish at Chinese New Year. Yee Sang means raw fish and fish is associated with the word “yu” in Chinese which means abundance. That is why it is a must at new year because it is a symbol for abundance and prosperity in the year ahead. Yee Sang will therefore consists of raw fish and a mix of shredded vegetables and seasonings. When yee sang is served, there is a special way to eat this dish.  Everyone at the table has to stand up, grab chopsticks and all together will start to toss the ingredients up in the air while saying some prosperous wishes . The higher you toss, the higher the growth of your fortune in the coming year. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that the salad comes back down on the plate and not all over the floor. 😛

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Belly Good Cafe @ San Francisco, California

I have been to many crepe shops everywhere but this has to be the cutest crepes I’ve ever had!

BellyGoodCafe Japantown

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Matcha Love @ San Jose, California

Another dessert post! Can you tell that I was on a dessert kick this past Christmas break? 😛 This time, it’s ice-cream! We were having lunch at the Mitsuwa grocery store in San Jose. We were there to have ramen from Santouka. There was a very l0ng line, so while waiting, we decided to check out Matcha Love which is also located in the food court at Mitsuwa.
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