When I took a hiatus in March, I did not expect it to last this long. Apparently when you take a break from blogging, it is really hard to get back in the swing of writing again. But I do miss blogging. I missed having my own online journal, a place where I can always check back on bentos I packed, restaurants I visited, cakes I baked and food I cooked. So even though the thought of shutting down this blog ran through my mind a couple of times, I just could not do it. I could not erase 7 years of blogging :P . So I am back again! Hopefully I will be able to continue this blog for as long as I can.

And here is my first bento for the school year!

This year will be a nut-free and citrus-free year for C. It will be a challenge for me because I will no longer be able to rely on my ever-reliable Nutella or peanut butter sandwiches.:P Today’s bento contains cheese and jalapeño sausage , flaxseed crackers, carrot sticks with Ranch dip in the piggy container and grapes.


Bento #217 @ kookyculinary.com

Another great use of leftover rotisserie chicken is to make chicken salad. Today’s bento contains a croissant stuffed with chicken salad and lettuce. Also included are star-shaped pepperjack cheese, oranges and chocolate for dessert.

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Bento #216 @ kookyculinary.com

Not the prettiest bento but it is definitely one of C’s favorite – BBQ Ribs! Today’s bento contains leftover ribs, caesar salad and garlic bread. The container at the top contains her snack – mini saltine crackers and mango.


Bento #215 @ kookyculinary.com

Leftovers make great bentos especially pizza! Sometimes when I am super lazy, I order the school lunch pizza but that costs me about $5 for 1 slice! That is a little painful when I can get a whole pizza for about $10 outside but once in a while for convenience sake, I do it. But if I have a choice, I would avoid it. So if C really wants pizza for lunch, I try to make sure I get a pizza for dinner the night before. That way, we can all enjoy pizza for dinner and still have enough for lunch the next day. For this lunch, I also included carrot sticks, celery sticks and a few gummy bears for a treat. The yellow container contains ranch dressing for the vegetable sticks while the white container contains garlic sauce for the pizza.

Have a great day!!



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February 24, 2014
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I love Hawaiian rolls and I usually get them when I make BBQ pulled pork. BBQ pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls are the best. Unfortunately I ran out of BBQ pulled pork before we finished the rolls. So instead of pulled pork slider, I made ham and lettuce sliders for lunch. The size of […]

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February 14, 2014
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February 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for Bento #212 – A snacky bento

Sometimes all C wants for lunch is just snacks and that’s what we packed for bento today. A simple lunch of Ritz crackers, salami, Babybel cheese, grapes and sweet potato chips.

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Bento #211 – Nothing beats BBQ day!

February 5, 2014
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