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Bento#239 – A Simple Bento


Happy April Fool’s Day!! I can’t believe it’s April already! Anyone played any pranks today?

Anyway, today’s bento is a simple bento containing salami, pepperjack cheese and corn in the top tier. The bottom tier contains orange ( which I had to remove late because I forgot that no oranges are allowed due to allergies) , chocolate thin mints and crackers.


Bento #238 – A Swirly Day

Bento238_Swirly Day

This bento perfectly describes a Monday at my house. Everyone’s a little dazed and confused on a Monday morning. 😛 But it’s all good. We are ready for a new week. Today;s bento contains Ham sandwich swirly roll, Beecher’s cheese curds, pear slices and raspberry cookies.

Have a great week, everyone!


Bento #237 – A steaky bento


It’s Friday! TGIF!!! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? I know I am! It has been a long week and today couldn’t come any sooner. I think it’s just because we had a four day weekend last week, so this week seems extra long. I love long weekends and vacations but the morning after and the week after is just a little tough. Don’t you agree?

Anyway today’s bento content:
Bottom tier contains grilled steak & grilled corn (both leftovers from dinner!).
Top tier contains strawberries, Babybel cheese and Raspberry Cheweos from Crumble & Flake, a little bakery in Seattle.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!



Bento #236 – A little green



I received specific instructions that there needs to be something green in the lunch box today since it’s St. Patrick’s Day!! Since I did not have any green food today, I packed them in a green lunchbox. I guess that will work too!

For today’s lunch, we have chicken tender, twice baked potato, flaxseed sesame crackers, raspberries and a strawberry kitkat.


Bento #235 – Chicken & Toast Day


Chicken & waffles are so popular now and here’s my take on that – Fried Chicken & French Toast! The fried chicken was actually leftover from last night’s dinner. French toast was made with whole wheat bread dipped in egg& sprinkled with cinnamon before pan frying. In between are Asian pear slices and carrot sticks with Ranch dip.

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