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Bento content: Spam pineapple fried rice, cheese omelette roll and pomegranate.

Lately I have been packing a lot more Thermos lunches just because it has been wet and cold lately, so a warm lunch is always welcomed. Today’s lunch is fried lunch with Spam and pineapple. The trick to a good fried rice is leftover rice from yesterday. The reason is because it is easier to fry rice when the rice is not moist. Freshly cooked rice can be a little mushy, thus not ideal for frying rice. Besides Spam and pineapple, I usually add carrots, green peppers, corn and peas and whatever else green vegetables found in the fridge. It’s a great way to use up leftover vegetables!  Do you like fried rice?

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Bento #231 @ kookyculinary.com

Bento content: Chicken Taco Salad with taco sauce on the side and green apples with cinnamon sugar in the little bottle.

Happy Wednesday! It’s chicken taco salad day! This is an easy peasy lunch box because the chicken is actually leftover from the rotisserie chicken that I got from Costco yesterday. Most of the time we cannot finish the chicken, so I end up usually making chicken taco or chicken pot pie for the next meal. No wastage, right?

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Bento content: Bottom Tier: Ham and carrot omelette flowers and brown rice flaxseed crackers Top Tier: Carrot sticks with Ranch dip and pepperoni flowers.

Wow, it was a crazy weekend weatherwise! We had a blustery windstorm and more than 150K household lost power and I am just so thankful that we did not lose power. C is very thankful too because school is cancelled today since they have no power!! Needless to say whatever flowers we have like the bento above or the fall leaves hanging on the trees are mostly gone. The grounds are a mess. So thankful for all the landscapers that come around and sweep all the leaves off the ground.

Anyway, today’s bento was from last week. Isn’t it cool that a simple food pick can make an otherwise normal looking pepperoni looks so cool. I think these flower picks are one of C’s favorite. If you want to start to pack bento lunches but not sure how to start, get some bento picks. So easy and yet so attractive for the kids. Check out some of the cutest bento picks below. Aren’t they cute!

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Sometimes when you surf the net for places to eat, certain dishes keep showing up on many blogs and reviews. This dish is one of those eye-popping dish and it is the lobster (or crab) sticky rice at Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant in Vancouver, BC. So when we went to Vancouver last weekend, we decided to check it out.

We ordered the crab instead of lobster. This was about 2 1/2 lbs of crab. Definitely tastes as good as it looks!


At the bottom of the whole pile of crab is a tray full of yummy sticky rice. It was very tasty but there was way too much corn in the rice. Maybe a little less corn will be better but overall it’s still very good.


We also ordered the wonton and dumpling soup. Very juicy and delicious.


Since it was lunch time, we ordered the lunch portion (smaller portion) of the fried Japanese tofu. This was ok. Nothing special about it.


Overall this meal was a little expensive due to the crab but I will definitely be back again for the crab.

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Bento #229 – A sammy day

October 22, 2014
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Bento content: Ham and lettuce sandwich, mozarella cheesesticks, chips and pomegranate. Do you like pomegranate? Do you spit out each individual seed??  I am not a big fan of pomegranate. I like the taste but I am just not quite sure what to do with the seeds. I just find it weird to swallow them […]

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October 20, 2014
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Bento content: Baked farfalle pasta with marinara sauce, chips, carrots and Ranch dip and finally green apples with cinnamon sugar in the small bottle. Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a great weekend! We had an awesome weekend and it went by too fast! Is it just me or do the weekends really goes by […]

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Bento #227 – Kitty day

October 17, 2014
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Bento content: A cutesy banana muffin topped with a kitty-wannabe cheese slice, a couple of extra cheese, ham flowers, apple slices, carrots with dip and a KitKat for dessert. TGIF! I love Fridays! So it’s a simple & fun bento for today. Do you guys have any plans this weekend? I think we will be […]

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Aberdeen Centre @ Richmond, BC

October 16, 2014

One of our favorite mini-vacation is a trip to Richmond, British Columbia. Since it is only about 2 1/2 hours away, we usually head up there once a month during the weekend and we are there for only ONE reason and that is to pig out on Asian food! Even though there is an abundance […]

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Bento #226 – A warm lunch

October 15, 2014
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Bento content: cheese tortellini in the thermos, Carrot sticks with Ranch dip, slices of Bartlett pears and mini banana chocolate muffin in the other containers. Even though there is a microwave in C’s class, she does not like to use it. According to her, there is always a long line of kids waiting to use the […]

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Bento#225 – Simplicity at its best

October 13, 2014
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Monday lunch is either a very awesome lunch (if I have time to shop during the weekend) or a very simple lunch which happens when I don’t have time to shop over the weekend. This past weekend, we went out of town, so that means no grocery shopping over the weekend. So lunch is  a […]

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