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Belly Good Cafe @ San Francisco, California

I have been to many crepe shops everywhere but this has to be the cutest crepes I’ve ever had!

BellyGoodCafe Japantown

Don’t you agree? or what about this one?

BellyGoodCafe Japantown

(Nutella Banana Crepe with Mango ice-cream)

These can be found at Belly Good Cafe in Japantown San Francisco.  This little store is in the West Mall and there is usually a long line in front of it.



Even though I am sure that most people are there for the cuteness factor, the price is actually pretty cheap for crepes. You can choose your crepes from a menu of pre-selected combinations or customize your own crepe. You can also choose between regular crepe skins  or green tea crepe skins.

Our 4 crepes! So cute and tastes pretty good!  I would be visiting here a lot if I live a little closer!!


Belly Good Cafe
1737 Post St #393, San Francisco, CA 94115

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