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Kintaro Ramen @ Vancouver B.C.

DH is a big ramen fan. So when we were in Vancouver BC one weekend, we decided to try out one of the more popular ramen store – Kintaro Ramen. Since we were expecting a long line, we tried to get there by 12 pm which was the opening hour according to many websites sans their own. I haven’t been able to find their website anywhere. Anyway, we got there around 11:45 and there was already a long line. Apparently they open at 11:30 now!! So there we were stuck in line while waiting for the first batch of diners to finish their meal. At least they gave us the menu to browse while waiting. One thing to note is that Kintaro requires a minimum order of $7.50 per person.

DH ordered Miso Ramen. He gets the option of light, medium or heavy broth and also either lean or fatty pork. He ordered the Miso Ramen with heavy broth and fatty pork. 😛
He likes it but it was just a little too heavy. I think next time he will stick to the medium broth.

I had the Garlic Spicy Ramen. Note the big ball if garlic!! It was good but I needed a lot of mint after the meal to get rid of the garlic smell. The medium soup with lean pork was good.


Since C does not like Ramen, we had to order a couple of side dishes for her to meet the minimum order amount. We ordered Gyoza which was pretty good. Love the crispy bottom crust.


We also ordered the BBQ Pork. This was a little dry for me to eat it on its own but it was good when we added it to the ramen and soaked in the broth.


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