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Skillet Diner @ Capitol Hill, Seattle


Skillet’s table arrangement – Love the uniqueness!

Since I had been eating out a lot last year and probably will be eating out a lot again this year, I am planning to do at least one restaurant review each week.

I am a big fan of food trucks and was really glad when food trucks started popping up all over Seattle. Unfortunately they kept growing and growing. So now there is an oversaturation of food trucks and the food …….  well, lets just say that there are more misses than hits especially with the newer trucks. One of the earlier and more successful food truck is the skillet truck with their bacon jam. They are so successful that they added on a brick and mortar version of a diner.

We were there for breakfast one Saturday morning. Be aware that lines can get pretty long at this diner, so avoid the peak hours if possible.

I had the “little rob” which is basically just like pancake (or they called it griddle cake) sandwich with apple smoked bacon, cheese &? an egg in between and morning taters.

C had the “breaky your way” which contains 2 eggs, bacon, morning taters and baguette

DH had the cornmeal waffles with eggs and fried chicken. He was a little disappointed with this dish because the chicken was a little dry.

Finally we had to order the famous poutine. This is my first time eating a poutine and it definitely takes some getting used to. DH likes it though.

Overall, it was a good meal. We will definitely return to try more from the menu.

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