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Cafe Nola – revisit @ Bainbridge Island

I finally got a new laptop but I am still not able to do much on it since I have not gotten all the necessary software especially my photo editing software. So I am unable to process any of my recent bento photos. Luckily I still have some photos from our summer outing that have not been posted.  First up are some yummy food from one of our favorite breakfast place –  Cafe Nola at Bainbridge Island. The food from our previous visit were really good, so we decided to go back and check out some other food.

Cafe Nola @ Bainbridge Island

Dungeness Crab Melt. Underneath the layer of Tillamook cheddar cheese is a huge scoop of dungeness crab. Love this dish!

Cafe Nola @ Bainbridge Island

Chicken Fried Steak served with  breakfast gravy, eggs, potato and fruit.

Cafe Nola @ Bainbridge Island

Fish & Chips for Lil’ C.  The ling cod is served with house made malt slaw and steak fries

Cafe Nola @ Bainbridge Island

Finally here’s the Truffle Cheese Fries. Truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese top the fries. Yummy!

There are still a lot on the menu that I would love to try. If it is not due to the expensive ferry fare, we would make it to Cafe Nola more often.

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