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Lola @ Downtown Seattle

First of all, for my dear readers who are here for my bento posts, thank you so much for dropping by and checking out my bentos. Unfortunately my bento posts will be sparse for the next month. I will still be blogging, but since we have been doing a lot of small road trips and camping, there’s been hardly any time to make bentos. I will be blogging mostly about our eating out adventures which we have been doing way too much! But I promise that I will be back in full force by the end of next month with lots of bento. In the meantime, I have been shopping for more bento  supplies to the horrors of DH 🙂  So for now, please check out my old bento posts and come join me on my recent restaurant outings.

When the niece was in town recently for a visit, we headed down to downtown Seattle to Pike Place Market. Check out my Munching my way through Pike Place that I did 2 years ago. I love Pike Place Market especially on a weekday. It gets a little too crowded on the weekends. Everytime I leave Pike Place, I always leave with lots of munchies and gorgeous flowers. Anyway, since we were in downtown, we decided to go to Lola for breakfast. Lola is a Tom Douglas restaurant. Tom Douglas is a famous Chef here in the Pacific Northwest and he has at least 10 restaurants here now.

Lola Seattle - Breakfast

The niece ordered the Lola breakfast which contains 2 eggs, smoked bacon (or sausage) smashed garlic fried potatos and toast. The fried potatos were great. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Love the bacon too.

Lola Seattle -  doughnuts

But my favorite was definitely these made to order doughnuts. They were so light and fluffy. Served with vanilla mascarpone and rhubarb jam, these doughnuts were so good. In fact, they were so good that after were done, we went across the street to Dahlia Bakery, another one of Tom Doughlas store, to order some doughnuts to go. My only complain about the doughnuts is that they are quite pricey. They are slightly cheaper at Dahlia Bakery. Other than the price, we will definitely be back to try other stuff soon.

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