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Steamed Eggs with Shiitake Mushroom

Steam Eggs with Mushroom

I don’t usually post dishes that I cook for dinner because I am always too hungry to take photos after cooking. ūüėõ Most of the time, they are repetitive dishes anyway. But once in a while, I will take photos of the dishes that I really like and this is one of them.

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I would order chawanmushi which is a steamed egg custard dish with slivers of mushroom. I love it because the egg is silky smooth. When I first started to learn how to cook, I thought that steamed eggs would be one of the easiest dish to make. Unfortunately it is not so. My first steamed eggs puffed up in the steamer and was definitely not silky smooth. Since those days, I have learned a couple of tricks to making this steamed egg dish.

Making chawanmushi requires the use¬†of dashi which I do not have.¬†So this is my own version of¬†chinese steamed eggs instead.¬†There’s no exact¬†recipe because it is just a mixture of eggs, water (or stock), salt and pepper. Here are some tips to make it silky smooth.

* Ratio of eggs to water is 1 : 1.5   ( I use chicken stock in this case)
* After mixing the water and eggs, I will run the mixture through a sieve to get rid of any lumps
* Cover bowl during the steaming process
* Always steam on low heat

I added a little sauted Shiitake mushroom, spring onion and fried garlic to top off the dish before serving.

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