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Before I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I did not drink coffee. However since moving here, it seems like coffee is a main staple in the area. You can literally find coffee shop or little drive-through coffee shack at every corner of the streets. I guess one of the reasons for the coffee addiction here is the weather. The forever gloomy and wet weather is a good reason to head to coffee shops to either get an energy boost or just to hang out with friends. So now after years of staying here, I have become a true local! I have been spending a lot of time at the coffee shop, way too much time!

After buying store bought coffee for a couple of years, we are now finally ready to invest in an espresso machine. Even though it is a little expensive, we figured that in the long run, it will still be cheaper than buying coffee at the coffee shop every day. So I have been busy doing a little research to see which is the best espresso machine available. Hopefully I can find a nice one that will fit our budget. I can’t wait to make my own coffee every morning especially now that the colder weather is here.

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