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Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had the most beautiful weather on Sunday. It even got a little too hot which was a little surprising since the weather was supposed to be cloudy according to the weather forecast. It is days like this that I am glad that the forecast is wrong. Sunny days are always a welcome sight and apparently everyone feels the same way because the park was so full.

Anyway, having lived in the Southern states for many years, I have grown to love the southern BBQ. The BBQ restaurants were everywhere in the South. Ever since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, we have come to realize that BBQ food is not very popular. There are just a handful of restaurants here that does Southern BBQ. So when I had a craving for pulled pork sandwiches, I decided to try my own and I realize that it is actually pretty simple. I  used Martha Stewart’s Pulled Pork Recipe and I love that it uses a slow cooker. I have been planning to use my slow cooker more often. The best thing is that I can just toss in the pork with the seasonings into the crockpot at night and by morning, I have a very juicy and moist pulled pork waiting for me.

I served it with toasted onion sandwich bun, added a little more BBQ sauce and a side of coleslaw for a yummy dinner. DH took it to work the next day and according to him, several co-workers were very interested in his lunch!! Haha!!

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  • whoisbaby April 19, 2010, 8:05 pm

    yummy!!! may try that some day.

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