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Bento #97 – Spring Garden

Woohoo… #97! I am creeping up to bento #100. It has taken me a long time but just like my gal says, slow and steady. To celebrate my #100th bento, I will be having my first bento giveaway ever next week. So do come back next week to check out my giveaway. 🙂

Bento #97 - Spring Garden

Spring is in the air and all the flowers are blooming. Even the daffodils are blooming!! I think spring started almost a month early. I love this weather. I can’t wait for the tulips to start blooming. Anyway for today’s bento, I think some flowers are definitely in order. Bento contains fried rice topped with cheese and nori flowers. Broccoli flowers form the grass while the flower stems were Spam. Another piece of cheese forms the flowerbed.

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  • Angeleyes March 4, 2010, 10:35 pm

    Woooohooo… can’t wait for what you’ll have in your first give away!
    I thought I was slow since I went on ‘leave’ for almost a year. Anyway, it is always good to be back rite? 😛

  • Emily March 5, 2010, 11:23 am

    Oooh, that is cute! How fun that you are nearing 100 bentos, congrats in advance!

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