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I’ve caught the entertaining bug!

It seems like I was attending some sort of dinner party at least 2 or 3 times a week for these past couple of weeks. Between Chinese New Year and birthday parties, it seems like everyone was in the mood for entertaining and guess what, I think I have caught the entertaining bug too. I want to start having dinner parties, invite a couple of friends over and cook a delicious meal for them.

However before I can start having dinner parties, I will need to do some shopping first for dinnerware. Currently I only have mismatched dinnerware in my kitchen because I usually do not entertain. Now that I plan to entertain more often, I guess it is justifiable to invest in some nice dinnerware and glassware. I guess I should get some silverware too. Speaking of silverware, I would love a lesson about silverware so that I know the proper usage of each utensil and not make a fool of myself for using the wrong utensils at formal dinners. With all these new dinnerware, I guess I should stock up on linens too.

Now if only I can decide which dinnerware pattern I should buy! Logically I should probably get the all-white Country Chic but I also love the bold colors of the Spring Fiesta. I wonder if I could get two sets. Ha!

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