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Pink Flamingo Cake


Yes, it’s another birthday cake. My oven normally goes overtime during this time of the year. This is my 3rd birthday cake in one month. I don’t know why but Lil’ C and all of her closest friends all have birthdays in November and December. 🙂 Anyway,when H’s mom asked if I could make a pink flamingo cake, I just could not resist the challenge. H loves pink and she loves flamingos. So what better cake for this sweet little girl than a pink flamingo cake.

The cake is a pink butter cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache and covered in green buttercream for grass and blue buttercream for a little pond. The flamingos on the side and palm trees were all made from sugar paste. The 3 flamingos were made from rice crispies wrapped in marshmallow fondant. The flamingo legs were made from lollipop sticks. The lollipop sticks were the only inedible thing on the cake. Everything else were edible. I could have used pocky sticks for the legs but they were not able to support the weight of the flamingos, thus the lollipop sticks.

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