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Nature’s Pride

Last week, just when I ran out of bread, the doorbell rang and these 2 loaves of bread were waiting outside the door for me, courtesy of Nature’s Pride and Foodbuzz.

Nature's Pride Bread

Nature's Pride Bread

That’s the 12-grain on the left and the whole wheat bread on the right. As much as I want to eat healthy bread, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of “bread with grains”. They usually have more grains than bread, thus a little too chewy. So I was a little skeptical when I saw the 12-grain bread. But I tried it anyway and to my surprise, I really like it. There is just enough grain in each slice that it does not overcome the bread. So I feel like I am actually eating bread instead of a granola bar like some other bread. I think I am a total convert now. This 12 grain bread is going on my next shopping list. The whole wheat bread is good too. Nature’s Pride Bread are 100% natural. They do not contain artificial flavors or colors. There are also no artificial preservatives, no trans fat and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Hawaiian Panini

For lunch that day, I made a Hawaiian Panini. Lil’ C loves Hawaiian pizza. So I used those same ingredients and made it into a panini. I used ham, pineapple, pizza sauce , a mixture of pepperjack and mozarella cheese all on two slices of the 12-grain Nature’s Pride Bread. It turned out really good. Lil’ C loves it.

Thanks to Nature’s Pride and Foodbuzz  for providing these complimentary bread. 🙂

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  • ceemee October 10, 2009, 12:40 am

    I’ve always wanted healthy bread on our tables. Where can one get one of these? And how much does each cost? 🙂

  • Ching October 11, 2009, 9:58 am

    I have yet to post mine. 😛

  • Junk Drawer Kathy October 12, 2009, 5:07 am

    I love Nature’s Pride. It’s sometimes hard to find at my store, though. So if I can get it, I buy two and freeze one of the loaves. I believe that’s the same brand that offers Double Fiber, which is really hearty bread!

  • chinnee October 13, 2009, 8:26 pm

    so nice of them to deliver to your place :p

    Yup, I agree. Hopefully there will be more. 😛

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