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Kids Bento #86 – A visit from D.W.

Kids Bento #86 - DW mac n cheese

Whenever I see cute pasta, I try to buy a couple just to have a twist on the regular macaroni and cheese. So when I came across this D.W. Whole Wheat Pasta , I was sure that Lil’ C will like it since she likes the show Arthur. And sure enough, she really likes it. She likes the Arthur  ones too.  Today’s bento is made up of D.W-shaped whole wheat macaroni & cheese topped with a couple of nori whales, celery with peanut butter for dipping, pineapple & a Hersheys chocolate kiss.

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  • wen September 30, 2009, 9:49 pm

    ur kids eat celery?

    Yes, she loves them with either peanut butter or ranch dressing.:)

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