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Check out the Manta at SeaWorld!

No idea what to do this summer? What about heading down to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida and checking out their new thrill ride. The Manta opens this month and is a head-first, face-down roller coaster ride that lets you feel like you are spinning, gliding and flying like a giant stingray. As you fly through the 10 uniquely design aquariums on your ride, you just might come face-to-face with stingrays, exotic fishes and even a giant Pacific octopus. Wow, that sounds really exciting!
To celebrate this new exciting ride, SeaWorld is having a contest where you could win a “Front-of-the-line” pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. So head over to Ridemanta.com and check out all the 6 six fun activities that will give you a chance to win that “Front-of-the-line” pass. If you’ve never been to the theme parks, you will never know how valuable those passes are. Those passes are the best thing you’ll have. Imagine bypassing hundreds of people who have been in line for an hour or two! Trust me; you’ll be really grateful for those passes.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and head to Orlando for your summer vacation. Your kids will be thrilled once they find out! Of course while you are down there, don’t forget to visit Shamu and say Hi!


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