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Bento #18 – Meet Mr. Crabby

Bento #18 - Meet Mr. Crabby

Say Hi to Mr. Crabby! Isnt’ he cute?? 🙂 The body of the crab is a slice of ham, the eyes are made up of cheese, ham & star sprinkles, and the legs are hot dogs. Under Mr. Crabby is chicken & mozzarella cheese ravioli in marinara sauce. The other container has Nutella roti canai roll-up & cherry tomato.

For those in US, you can get the chicken & mozarella cheese ravioli from Costco.
Chicken & Mozzarella Ravioli
I usually keep a pack in my freezer all the time. It’s very easy to prepare and Lil’ C loves it. Just boil it for 6-8 minutes in water. Remove and mix it with marinara or any spaghetti sauce.

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