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Sea Harbour Restaurant @ Richmond BC

Vancouver/Richmond Trip Part 3:

Since there are so many restaurants in Richmond, we usually like to try different ones everytime we go there. This time, we headed over to Sea Harbour for dinner.
Sea Harbour Richmond

Hand Shredded Chicken
We ordered Hand Shredded Five-Spice Chicken. The chicken was good but it was not anything special. Pretty ordinary but the salt-based dipping sauce that accompanied it was good.

Pork with Chayote
Minced Pork with Chayote. Very tasty and delicious.

Dungeness Crab with Kabocha Hot Pot
But the best dish of the night would have to be the Dungeness Crab with Kabocha Squash Hot Pot. I’ve never had Kabocha Squash before. It turned out to be very sweet and really add depth to the black-bean based sauce. Will definitely have to come back for this again.

3711 #3 Rd
Richmond, BC

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