Kaya Toast

December 9, 2007

in Asian Delight

When I went back to Malaysia 2 years ago, I noticed that kaya toast are so popular.(I’m sure that it has been a while but I have not been back for 6 years before that trip. So indulge me, ok?? :) ) Anyway, the kaya toast are no longer just available at the old coffeeshop anymore, but it’s everywhere. I guess it’s one of those food that is timeless and enjoyed by all ages. However, for those of us who live overseas, we don’t have the luxury of walking into a coffee shop and ordering kaya toast. So when craving strikes, we order it from our own kitchen! :)

Kaya Toast

Kaya toast, anyone?

This is a very easy recipe for kaya and is cooked in a slow cooker. So I don’t have to worry about burning the kaya.

1 cup coconut cream (click here for a picture of coconut cream)
1 cup egg
2 cup sugar ( I only use 1 1/2 cups. Adjust according to your personal taste.)
3 pandan leaves

1. Mix the coconut cream, egg & sugar together till well blended. Pour into a slow cooker.
2. Add in pandan leaves.
3. Set the slow cooker on low heat. Stir occassionally. It will take about 3 hours or so. Don’t worry when the kaya gets all lumpy. In fact, this is what it looks like after about 3 hours.
Kaya 2

Then take a hand-blender and blend the kaya in the slow cooker. Edited to add: Don’t forget to remove pandan leaves before blending.
Kaya 3

Result: Smooth & yummy kaya!
Kaya 4

For those who live overseas and have been craving for kaya, do try out this easy version. :) 

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