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Aberdeen Centre @ Richmond, BC

One of our favorite mini-vacation is a trip to Richmond, British Columbia. Since it is only about 2 1/2 hours away, we usually head up there once a month during the weekend and we are there for only ONE reason and that is to pig out on Asian food! Even though there is an abundance of Asian food offerings in Seattle, there is none as authentic as those available in Richmond.

Usually for every trip, we will try to try something different but one of the place that we must visit every time is the Aberdeen Centre Food Court. Sometimes we pig out there and sometimes we just have desserts.
Here are some of the stuff that Aberdeen food court offers.

From Cafe Delight – the Hainanese Chicken Rice – C’s favorite. The chicken is soft and silky and the rice is fragrant. It comes with chili sauce and ground ginger and a small bowl of soup on the side. It comes pretty close to those available in Malaysia.


Then we have DH’s favorite – Wu Fung Dessert.


I am not sure why it is called a dessert stall when their most popular items are the fried chicken wings and curry fish ball. Their chicken wings sell like hot cakes. Since they are so popular, they are always made to order thus you will always get freshly fried chicken wings. None of those chicken wings that has been sitting under the heating lamp!!


They also offer fried squid which is just as good as the wings. Always crispy and flavorful.


Not forgetting the curry fish ball. This one is actually a hit or miss dish. Somedays they are good and somedays they are not. I think it depends on how long the fish ball has been sitting there.


They also offer make noodle soup where you choose your favorite kind of noodle and ingredients. Here DH chose the thin noodles with meatballs and fried tofu skin.


For desserts, we have Frappe Bliss.

I have previously blogged about them. Here’s the strawberry snow with strawberry ice cream and strawberries. I have to admit that while I used to love these desserts, I feel that their standards are really dropping.  Servings are a lot smaller nowadays and they have been pretty stingy with the ingredients too. Not like the heydays. :(

Also for desserts are these yummy bubble waffle from Bubble Waffle Cafe. These are the original flavor but they also comes in different flavors like green tea or strawberry.


Cafe D'Lite Express ??? on UrbanspoonWu Fung Dessert on Urbanspoon

Frappe Bliss ??? on UrbanspoonBubble Waffle Cafe on Urbanspoon


Bento #226 – A warm lunch

Bento226_PastaBento content: cheese tortellini in the thermos, Carrot sticks with Ranch dip, slices of Bartlett pears and mini banana chocolate muffin in the other containers.

Even though there is a microwave in C’s class, she does not like to use it. According to her, there is always a long line of kids waiting to use the microwave to heat up their lunch. Since lunch time is only 20 mins, she does not have time to eat if she has to wait in line. That’s why when I want to serve her warm food, I usually use thermos. I got this particular thermos from Singapore but sometimes I also use the Thermos Funtainer. Both works really well for school lunch.

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Bento#225 – Simplicity at its best


Monday lunch is either a very awesome lunch (if I have time to shop during the weekend) or a very simple lunch which happens when I don’t have time to shop over the weekend. This past weekend, we went out of town, so that means no grocery shopping over the weekend. So lunch is  a very simple affair – a lunchable wannabe.

Bottom tier contains carrot sticks, pepperjack cheese slices and pepperoni. Top tier contains flaxseed brown rice crackers, Ranch dressing for carrots and waffle style chips. Also on the side are some grapes.

Happy Monday!!


Breadfarm @ Bow, WA

Happy Friday!!! I love Fridays especially when it is a 3 day weekend! Today we will be heading out to my favorite bakery for some yummy muchies. Breadfarm is a tiny artisan bakery located in a tiny town called Bow, WA (sometimes also known as Edison, WA) Bow is about an hour drive from Seattle and it seems kinda out of the way but it is actually a 10 minute detour from I-5. I love coming here because it always seem like I am in one of those Wild West movie with tumbleweeds rolling about town. The last know population count for Edison in the 2010 census is only 133. However surprisingly there are a few really interesting restaurants there including Breadfarm. They do get a lot of people en route along the scenic Chuckanut Drive.

At Breadfarm, we love to get the artisan breads there especially the allium bread and baguette. Other yummy goodies that we love are the coconut macaroons and the French macarons. Also shown on the plate is a friand and fruit danish.

Note that they only accept cash or check. Also even though their store hours are from 9am – 7pm, it is advisable to get there earlier because usually their products are running very low in the evening.
BreadFarm on Urbanspoon


Bento #224 – Chicken & Biscuits Day!


I remember when I was in college, I used to love to go to Red Lobster. Sure I love the seafood but what I love the most was their Cheddar Biscuit. After so many years, I still love those biscuits and started making them at home. Now even C loves them.

Today’s bento contains some of those yummy cheddar biscuits, cheesy omelette roll, chicken strips with Thai sweet chili sauce and finally grapes.

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