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Bento #241 – Chicken & Rice Ball


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had lotsa fun at a nearby Salmon Days Festival with unbeliveable weather for October. But it is back to business or in this case, school for today. 😛  Today’s lunch contains leftover Teriyaki Chicken made into rice balls, strawberries and homemade chocolate bark that the Kiddo made herself. She has been experimenting in the kitchen lately, so don’t be surprised to see some of her creations in the near future.


Hirugao @ Tokyo, Japan

During our 1 week vacation in Japan, we ate a lot of food – some familiar and some not so familiar. One of the question I get asked the most is how do you order food in Japan when you don’t know any Japanese? The answer? Lots of finger-pointing at menus & fake food displays! 😛 Many restaurants have the most beautiful fake food displays in the storefront. Many of the real food are also very beautifully displayed too. Anyway, I will try to write about some of the food that we tried in Japan.

After a smooth ride to from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station, we ended up in probably one of the most confusing station that I have ever been! It has more than 200 exits and at least 36 platforms. Apparently more than 3.6 million people use this station everyday! After some time of confusing wandering and lots of u-turns, we finally find ourselves in Lumine Est, a shopping centre connected to the East Exit of Shinjuku Station. The 7th and 8th floor of Lumine Est are restaurant floors which means our happy place!

Since it was our 1st meal in Japan, it just seems right to start off with Ramen. We found a little ramen store at the corner of the 7th floor – Hirugao ( ???? )

We had:

Tsukemen – Ramen that is eaten after dipping in sauce. Surprisingly good! The texture of the noodle is not what I am used to. It’s a little chewier than the normal ramen.


Shio Ramen – salt-based ramen. Simple but satisfying

and of course, gyoza (pot stickers).

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Bento #240 – Homemade Lunchables

I am back again! It has been almost 6 months since I last posted. No excuses, just got a little busy with life. Since my last post, the Kiddo has graduated from 5th Grade and moved on to 6th Grade. She loves the fact that she is a tween now. Me? I am not too thrilled 😛 Somedays I wish she was 2 again!
This past summer, we spend 2 months in SE Asia. We visited Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia. We had an awesome time and it was hard getting back and settling back into our crazy schedules again. Of course being the foodie that we are, we ate a lot of great food while travelling. I will be posting them soon.

But for now, it is back to bento time and local eats. Here’s one of the bento for this week.


Sometimes the Kiddo will ask me to get Lunchables from the store but I prefer to make my own slighty healthier version. This bento is filled with organic sesame crackers, Applegate Salami, pepper jack cheese, strawberries, carrots and ranch dip.


Bento#239 – A Simple Bento


Happy April Fool’s Day!! I can’t believe it’s April already! Anyone played any pranks today?

Anyway, today’s bento is a simple bento containing salami, pepperjack cheese and corn in the top tier. The bottom tier contains orange ( which I had to remove late because I forgot that no oranges are allowed due to allergies) , chocolate thin mints and crackers.


Bento #238 – A Swirly Day

Bento238_Swirly Day

This bento perfectly describes a Monday at my house. Everyone’s a little dazed and confused on a Monday morning. 😛 But it’s all good. We are ready for a new week. Today;s bento contains Ham sandwich swirly roll, Beecher’s cheese curds, pear slices and raspberry cookies.

Have a great week, everyone!

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