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Sno-Crave Tea House @ Bay Area, California

Whenever we are in the Bay Area, we spend a lot of time in dessert cafes. One place that we love to hangout is called Sno-Crave Tea House (formerly known as Snowflake Tea House). They have several locations through out the Bay Area. Why do we spend so much time there? It’s because of their snow ice. Snow ice are a cross between ice-cream and shaved ice. They are usually fruit-flavored and shaved into ribbons and topped with a variety of toppings.


My favorite is the Mango Snow Ice  topped with red beans and condensed milk. Other favorites are the Green Tea Snow Ice with red bean.

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Bento #245 – Simple Sandwich Day


A little late but ths was actually the bento that Qkiddo took to school on the 1st day of school this year. A simple BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) on sourdough bread sandwich, some sweet potato tortilla chips from Trader Joes and strawberries for lunch.

Have a great week!

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Bento #244 – English Muffin Pizza Day!


Happy Monday! It’s always fun to make pizza on different bases and English Muffin is one of my favorite. Here I am using whole wheat english muffin topped with ham & pineapple & four cheeses.

The other tier contains apples, carrot sticks & Ranch dip in the yellow container & Strawberry flavored Kit Kat. Did you know that they have many different kinds of Kit Kat flavors? They even have a pumpkin flavored Kit Kat!

Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat

or how about a Cookies & Cream Kit Kat?

I wonder how they will taste? I will have to get them one day & try them out.


Bento #243 – Chicken & Crackers Bento

Bento #243_Chicken&Crackers

Leftovers make the best bento. Sometimes I would intentionally cook extra dinner so that I can have them for lunch. In this bento, I packed leftover grilled chicken, broccoli that that has been lightly blanched & seasoned with olive oil & salt. Also included in the bento are cheese curds, oyster crackers and peaches in a cup.

What is your favorite leftover bento? Please feel free to comment below.

Have a great day!


Bento #242 – Roast Beef Sushi Wannabe


Happy Monday! Today’s lunch is “fake sushi” made with roast beef, pepper jack cheese and lettuce all rolled up with bread. Also included are Asian pears and oreo cookies.

Have a great week!

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