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Sno-Crave Tea House @ Bay Area, California

Whenever we are in the Bay Area, we spend a lot of time in dessert cafes. One place that we love to hangout is called Sno-Crave Tea House (formerly known as Snowflake Tea House). They have several locations through out the Bay Area. Why do we spend so much time there? It’s because of their snow ice. Snow ice are a cross between ice-cream and shaved ice. They are usually fruit-flavored and shaved into ribbons and topped with a variety of toppings.


My favorite is the Mango Snow Ice  topped with red beans and condensed milk. Other favorites are the Green Tea Snow Ice with red bean.


and Strawberry Snow with condensed milk on the side.


Besides snow ice, we also get the honey toast. The one below is called Black Humor filled with coffee and chocolate ice-cream


This was what was on the inside after cutting off the wall of the bread . . .cubes of crispy fluffy toast.


Previously we had also tried the Macaron Party . . . SnoCrave11

and ….. hmmm…. I think this is summer style honey toast.


Other stuff that we had tried: strawberry smoothie with boba


Passion fruit jelly ice with 50% sweetness


Brown sugar milk tea with grass jelly and lemon green tea with grass jelly . . .


This is the kumquat green tea. Love the serving jug!!


Somedays when it is really cold, we order the hot teas like the honey kumquat tea SnoCrave6

or honey grapefruit tea . . .



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