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9 birthday cakes!

I started this blog when C was not even 3 and now she will be turning 10!! Gasp!! Where did time go?How did she grow so big!! She is almost as tall as me and I am sure that when I write a post for her 11th birthday, she will be taller than me already! We had her early 10th birthday party this past weekend and as  I baked her cake, I thought about all the cakes that I baked for her birthday – all 9 of them!

!st birthday: Before C came along, I have never baked a cake in my life. Then as C’s 1st birthday approached, I  decided to try baking one. I ended up baking a Pooh cake because that was the theme for her bedroom. It turned out ok except that it was the first and last time that I will ever use shortening for the icing.

Pooh Birthday Cake

2nd Birthday: For the 2nd year, it was all about Elmo and my first attempt at making marshmallow fondant.
Elmo Birthday Cake

3rd Birthday: The cake of the year was a Barbie birthday cake. This was a fun one and C loved this cake because it was pink and all girly.
Princess Doll Cake

4th Birthday: This was the princess castle cake that almost did not turn out. In spite of some cake disasters, the cake made it to the birthday table. The kids loved the cake especially the cake tower which was made with rice krispies and ice cream cone.
Princess Castle Cake

5th Birthday: This was the year when C was crazy about TinkerBell. This Tinkerbell Teapot cake was modeled after her Tinkerbell toy. The teapot was made with rice krispies.

Tinkerbell Teapot Cake

6th Birthday: This was the year when I went just a little overboard!! We had a huge double birthday with C’s best friend and had over 100 kids. So I made 2 huge cake for the 2 girlies. C had the Strawberry Shortcake house cake while her best friend E had  a Garden Fairy cake.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake


7th Birthday: It was under the sea theme this year with a pink Barbie Merliah mermaid cake.  This was one of my favorite cake. I had a lot of fun making all the sea creatures.

Barbie Merliah Cake


8th Birthday: This year we had a simple all pink girly flowery cake. C is slowly discovering that she does not like cake anymore. So we made a simple chocolate cake with lots of flowers just for fun.


9th Birthday: Surprise! We had no cake this year! But we did end up make these minion rice krispies bar for her class birthday treats.


10th Birthday: We just had her 10th birthday party last week. Guess what cake we made for her first double digit birthday?? Come back soon and check it out!

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