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Bento #232 – Fried Rice day!


Bento content: Spam pineapple fried rice, cheese omelette roll and plum.

Lately I have been packing a lot more Thermos lunches just because it has been wet and cold lately, so a warm lunch is always welcomed. Today’s lunch is fried lunch with Spam and pineapple. The trick to a good fried rice is leftover rice from yesterday. The reason is because it is easier to fry rice when the rice is not moist. Freshly cooked rice can be a little mushy, thus not ideal for frying rice. Besides Spam and pineapple, I usually add carrots, green peppers, corn and peas and whatever else green vegetables found in the fridge. It’s a great way to use up leftover vegetables!  Do you like fried rice?

Have a great Friday!




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