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Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant @ Vancouver, BC

Sometimes when you surf the net for places to eat, certain dishes keep showing up on many blogs and reviews. This dish is one of those eye-popping dish and it is the lobster (or crab) sticky rice at Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant in Vancouver, BC. So when we went to Vancouver last weekend, we decided to check it out.

We ordered the crab instead of lobster. This was about 2 1/2 lbs of crab. Definitely tastes as good as it looks!


At the bottom of the whole pile of crab is a tray full of yummy sticky rice. It was very tasty but there was way too much corn in the rice. Maybe a little less corn will be better but overall it’s still very good.


We also ordered the wonton and dumpling soup. Very juicy and delicious.


Since it was lunch time, we ordered the lunch portion (smaller portion) of the fried Japanese tofu. This was ok. Nothing special about it.


Overall this meal was a little expensive due to the crab but I will definitely be back again for the crab.

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