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XO Restaurant @ Bellevue, WA

We are always on a lookout for new restaurants. So when we heard about XO Restaurant in Bellevue, we headed there last weekeend. XO is an Hong Kong style restaurant. We started off with potstickers which was not bad.


We also ordered House Special Chow Mein. Usually we ask for crispy noodles instead of regular noodles. Loads of ingredients!!


This is a pound of Roasted Crispy Pork. A little too fatty for my fast but the skin was really crispy.


We also ordered half a Roast Duck. It was ok.


Since Hong Kong style restaurants are usually famous for their claypot rice, we ordered the Chicken Rice in Casserole. Maybe I am used to the Malaysian style claypot rice. This was a little bland for my taste although it does have a crispy rice bottom which C loves.


Lastly we ordered the fried mini bun with condensed milk. Not the healthiest dish but C loves this.


Overall, the food was not bad. I will definitely go back & try other dishes.

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