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Minion Rice Krispies Treat

Minion Rice Crispies

When C was little, she loved cakes & cupcakes for her birthdays. But somewhere along the way, she grew up and decided that she doesn’t like cakes anymore. So when we were discussing what to bring to school for her latest birthday, cakes were definitely out of her list. After wrestling back and forth between ice-cream, cookies and rice krispies treat, she finally decided on rice krispies treat which makes mommy really happy. I love making rice krispies because they are so easy to bake and no baking either! Since it was her birthday treat, I could not help but to jazz up the treats a little. I ended up with making them Minion-like because she has been so crazy over them since the Despicable Me 2 came out in the summer. Needless to say, the birthday girl was very excited to see the Minion Rice Krispies treat!! The Minions were coated in Yellow Candy Melt. The eyes and clothes were made out of marshmallow fondant. Since I ran out of time, I just used Food Marker to draw on the hair and mouth. If you are wondering, I used the Americolor Food Marker. They seem to write better on food.

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