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Bento #210 – Fried Rice Day!

Even though there is a microwave in C’s classroom to warm up the food, she does not really like to do that because there is usually a long line of kids waiting. Lunch is usually only 20 minutes and if she has to wait in line to heat up her food, she usually is not able to finish her food on time. So if I am packing her something that taste better when warm, I try to pack it in a thermos. So far this Hello Kitty thermos has been working great. The food is not super hot during lunch but at least it stays warm. What I usually do is to rinse out the thermos with hot water & sealing it for about a minute before pouring out the water & filling in with the food. That helps to keep the temperature a little warmer.

Anyway, today’s bento contains Ham and pineapple fried rice.  I also added carrots & corn to the fried rice. Also included for lunch are pineapple slices and pomegranate seeds.

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