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Stone Korean @ Redmond


This is the reason why we drive to Redmond for Korean food – the fried chicken! Even though we have a lot of Korean restaurants, very few of them offers fried chicken and Stone in Redmond does. The chicken dish shown above is half regular fried chicken and half spicy chicken. A little expensive but pretty good fried chicken.

We also ordered the Seafood Tofu soup. We usually get it spicy but if you are not into spicy food, it can be ordered mild. The pot looks kinda messy because the soup bubbled over. It may not look that pretty but it is a very comforting food in the cold winter weather.


This was the spicy sautéed squid which was ok.


A korean meal is not a meal without all the banchan (side dishes) which comes free. This restaurant is very generous with their banchan. Usually we only get about 5-6 side dishes. Here we got 9! The best thing is that you can ask for refill when you are done.


This banchan spread was actually taken on a separate trip. It just shows that you may or may not get the same thing every time. To me, that is always great because I get to try new side dishes every time we go.


C love this pot of rice served in a stone pot. The heat from the stone pot actually creates a very crispy bottom rice layer.



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