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Bento #206 – It’s spring time!


I think my girl has finally entered a stage where she thinks that bringing a bento to school is strange. Not a bad strange but just a little different. The other day when I was in a hurry, I stuffed a sandwich and some chips into ziploc bags for lunch. When she came back from school, the first thing she said to me that she felt normal that day!!! Her lunch was packed into a ziploc bag like everyone else!!! Does that mean my bento-ing days are coming to an end? I really hope not! Next year she will be going to a new school with new friends and of course, new lunch buddies. I am looking forward to seeing what she feels about bring a bento to school then. : p

P/S: A big heartfelt thanks to my readers that still drop by once in a while to check on this almost abandoned blog. 😛  Will I ever abandon  this blog? Probably not but I think I am at a point in my life where I am not thinking about this blog all the time. It’s a good thing because when I first started this blog, it was  a fun outlet and it evolved into work at sometime but now I am content to let it be my fun outlet once again.

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