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Kukai Ramen & Izakaya @ Bellevue


Shoyu Ramen

These couple of weeks I have been in an organizing mood. Yes, even my photos too! While going through my photos, I realized that I have so many unpublished restaurant photos. So watch out for a lot more restaurant reviews coming up soon.

First up is Kukai Ramen & Izakaya in Bellevue. Kukai is fairly new in town. It is a franchise store of a popular Japanese Ramen store in Japan. DH had the Shoyu Ramen. He said that the soup was a little to light for his liking.


Pork Chashu Rice Bowl – They have 2 sizes. This was for a small order. It was just right for a light eater. Flavor was pretty good.


Takoyaki – my favorite dish. Chewy with a yummy octopus filling.


Calamari – good but the portion was very little. For $6.50, this was all we got.


Chicken Wings – This was good. A little on the sweet side but nice crispiness.

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