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Bento #195 – Back to school bento


* dust dust *  * cough cough*  dusting cobwebs of my poor neglected blog……… yes, I am back!  Last month was a crazy month with a trip halfway across the world and house guests upon our return. Crazy but lots of fun! We were able to meet up with so many family members that we have not seen for a very long time. But alas, our fun has to come to an end. School has started for C and so we are now slowly very slowly working ourselves back into our regular school routine. What better way to do that than a back to school bento.

Featured above is simple, lunchable-wannabe bento consisting of Ritz crackers, honey ham and American cheese in the right container. The left container has watermelon squares, carrot circles with Ranch dip in the little piggy container and finally blueberries.

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