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July 13, 2012

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This summer we have been very eating out a lot. Sometimes I took photos of the food but most of the time, I forgot!! Usually by the time the food arrives at the table, at least one person will attack the food really quickly, thus the loss of a good photo op. :D Ok, I’ll admit, I am a glutton!!! Nevertheless, I still did manage to take a few photos here and there.

This is from one of our go-to restaurants whenever we are in Portland, Oregon. The restaurant is not fancy and neither is the food. Basically the food is simply and homey. The one dish that most people order when they go to the restaurant is this salt and pepper squid. Crispy and yummy!

Besides the calamari, we also ordered the fish maw soup shown above. Other dishes include:

Pork Ribs with salted fish (not the exact name)

General Tso Chicken

and my favorite dish, Snow Pea Tips lightly stir fry with garlic.

The bill for the 5 of us came up to be slightly over $60. Really reasonable price.

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