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Camping Breakfast

Camping DP

Every summer we go camping a lot. This year is no different even though we might not be able to camp as much as our usual summers due to some unforeseen circumstances. But we will still try to sneak in as many as we can. So last weekend, after dropping off our visitors at the cruise terminal, we headed out to our first camp of the season even if it was just one night.

For us, going camping is not just about being out in the nature, it’s all about the food too. I have to admit we usually go overboard with all the food especially breakfast. For that one weekend, we forget about oatmeal or granola and indulge in all the greasy food which somehow taste awesome in the outdoors. So what’s for breakfast? It’s bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans and mixed berries. What makes this breakfast even better is this view from the breakfast table

Camping at Deception Pass

and this wonderful morning campfire.

Camping at Deception Pass

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