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Barbie Merliah Birthday Cake

Taking a short break from bento-ing, here’s a long overdue post from last year – C’s 7th birthday. This time she requested for a Barbie Merliah birthday cake.

Barbie Merliah Cake

It’s a lemon butter cake with strawberry buttercream covered in marshmallow fondant.Everything is edible except for the top half of Barbie’s body which is the real Barbie Merliah doll. Oops, I think Zuma the dolphin got left out from this photo. The rock that Barbie is sitting on and the treasure chest are made from rice crispies. All the decorations are made from either sugar paste, marshmallow fondant or candy melts.

Barbie Merliah Birthday Party

Even though the party was held at an ice-skating rink, C still wanted to to keep a little beach theme going on, hence the mini blue jello cups, goldfish crackers and blue M&Ms. Stuck in the green cup are smiley faces made from Babybel cheese as show below. These were really popular at the party.

Babybel Cheese faces

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