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Noodle House @ Portland Food Truck

Continuing from my Portland Food Truck scene post ……..

It was a Sunday and it was a Public Holiday 3-day weekend. Most of the food trucks were closed. Fortunately we found one and it was on my to-try list. The Noodle House has only been in business for a couple of months. The owner is a former chef of Duh Ku Bee restaurant in Beaverton. The specialty of this food truck is their homemade hand pulled noodles.

Their menu is simple with only 8 items.

Portland Food Truck: Noodle House

We ordered their #1 – Spicy Seafood Noodles

Portland Food Truck: Noodle House

The noodles were really good. Love the texture of the noodles. Other than the fact that it could be a little spicier, this was a great dish.

C ordered the #4 – Teriyaki Chicken. But they ran out of rice and we had to wait about 10 minutes for the new rice to be ready. We opted not to wait and substituted the rice for noodles.

Portland Food Truck: Noodle House

I was a little surprised when the noodles came out just plain. I was thinking that they would season it a little but I guess I was wrong. We decided that there was enough teriyaki sauce to toss with the noodles. So we mixed it all up and C loved it. 🙂

Location: SW 9th and Washington, Downtown Portland


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