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Bento #135 – Pancake and corn day

Bento #135 - Pancakes & Corn Day

This week has been a very very long week! Just when I thought that we could get through this winter without catching any major cold, it got us really hard. I was in bed for 3 days and even now I still have a fog around my head. Thankfully C only has a mild cold and almost recovered now.  What a week! I am so glad it is almost over cause I would like to start over with a new week.

So this week I didn’t make any bento but I had some in my back-log from past few weeks. This was a well-liked bento with a stack of mini pancakes and corn. I wish we have fresh corn but it is not in season yet, so I used frozen corn – steamed and buttered. Grapes and fruit snacks make up the rest of the bento.

Have a healthy week, everyone.

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