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Bento #127 – Hearty Bento

Bento #127 - Hearty Bento

Phew, it has been a very busy week with all the Chinese New Year dinners and cookies. We ate so much over the past few days that I think I need to stay away from food for the rest of the week …… NOT! 🙂 Since Chinese New Year celebration lasts 15 days (till the 17th), I will be back with a couple more CNY posts soon. In the meantime, Valentine’s Day is coming up and here’s a “hearty bento”.

Heart-shaped homemade bread with butter and colored sugar, ham, celery with ranch dip and cherries.  I was really suprised to find cherries at the grocery store. This year it seems like many of the seasonal fruits like Honeycrisp apples, cherries and all the berries are available all year round. Strange but definitely not complaining.

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  • Little Corner of Mine February 10, 2011, 9:46 am

    I gained 3 pounds from all the eating. Seriously need to go on diet after the CNY. 😀

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