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Bento #124 – Buns & Bread

Bento #124 - Buns & Bread

It snowed, it rained and now it’s all slushy. That’s how it is looking outside right now. I was secretly hoping that school would be cancelled when the heavy snow started falling last night. Unfortunately the rain came and washed a lot of the snow away and so there was school today. Ok, back to bento. Today’s bento contains xiao long bao (soup dumpling), Nutella roll, edamame, bunny apple and strawberry caramel popcorn.

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  • Stacie January 12, 2011, 2:44 pm

    I was wondering where you get your xlb and how do they do in a bento? I had them once at a restaurant and would love to make them at home (well, not literally make them, but heat them up!)

    Thanks and love your bento inspiration,

    Hi Stacie, thanks for dropping by. My girl has early lunch, so the xlb was ok. But if you are going to have a late lunch, then it might be better to put in a thermos to keep it warm.

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