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Kids Bento #119 – The Four Corners Bento

Can you believe that it is December already?? Where did November go?? Hope all that celebrated Thanksgiving had a great Turkey day. We almost had to miss the turkey dinner because we ended up being snowed in for four days before Thanksgiving. Even though we expected snow, it turned out to be heavier than expected and since we live on a hill, there was no way we could get out on those icy roads. Plans for a Thanksgiving dinner had to be cancelled since we could not get out to get the groceries. But thanks to generous friends who invited us to their house, we had a great Thanksgiving meal.

So now we move into December and only 3 more weeks of school!! Hopefully we won’t get any more school cancellation like last week.

Kids Bento #119 - Four corners bento

Back to bento, here’s a simple one. Four kinds of food occupying the four corners. On the bottom are asian pear slices and strawberry covered popcorn. At the top are Banh-Mi wannabe (Vietnamese bauguette with ham) and omelette.

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