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Mobile Chowdown 4: Maximus Minimus

For the last couple of years especially this past year, there has been a whole influx of food trucks. I am not talking about just the taco truck which has been around for a while but these new fancy food trucks that sell gourmet food. Usually these food trucks can be found in different places every day and the best way to keep track of their locations is through twitter. Having grown up with street food, I love all these food trucks and I am on a mission to try out all of them and what better way to do that than at a Mobile Chowdown.

Mobile Chowdown is a gathering of all the food trucks in one place on one special day. The first one was held last October with less than 10 food trucks. It was so popular that the organizers started to organize one every couple of months and each time the number of food trucks increases. This time, there were almost 20 food trucks including some that drove all the way from Portland. We missed the first three but decided to finally check out the Mobile Chowdown No. 4. From word of mouth, we knew that there were going to long lines and lots of people, we went there just when it opened.

We found one of our favorite food truck, the pig – Maximus Minimus!!! Check out the cool shades on the pig! 😛 The fancy background is the Experience Music Project Building.

Maximus Minimus

Side view of the pig

Maximus Minimus

Guess what the pig sells? Pulled pork sandwiches, of course!  There are 2 versions of the pulled pork sandwich. One is .hot and spicy while the other sandwich is sweet and tangy. You can also add a side of coleslaw or chips or cheese

Maximus Minimus

The pig is usually parked at 2nd and Pike St but sometimes the pig wanders around town. We first found him at a park last year. So check out their twitter or website for their current location.

Maximus Minimus on Urbanspoon

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