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Paseo @ Fremont, Seattle

I have a weakness for breads and sandwiches especially when fresh baguettes are involved. They are my comfort food. That’s why I love places like Baugette Box, Macrina, Le Panier and Bakery Nouveau. And I think I have just discovered my new favorite sandwich place. Paseo!! Paseo, a Cuban/Carribean store, has been on  my to-go list for a long time but we have never made it there. Maybe it’s because they are not open on Sunday. Usually we eat out on Sunday afternoon after church. Anyway, one Saturday morning, we finally managed to get ourselves across the Bridge to Fremont and ended up in front of this store. 


A right red doorfront with not even a name on the store and yet a visible long line of people snaking out the door gives it away. Yup, it is just 11 am and the line is so long already. It’s definitely Paseo!! They are listed as the #1 restaurant in Seattle on Urbanspoon. It’s a very small store with probably just about 3 dine-in tables. From what I observe, it was not even comfortable dining in because you are surrounded by people standing all around waiting for their orders.

Even though the line was long, the wait wasn’t too bad. Maybe it is because almost everyone got the same thing – the Cuban Roast. That’s what we got – a Cuban Roast and a Midnight Cuban Press.


This was the Cuban Roast. Not the best looking sandwich but oh, so good! It was a juciy and messy and very flavorful sandwich. Didn’t manage to get a photo of the Midnight Cuban Press because it was just to messy to be eating and holding a camera. Besides I had to eat fast because I had to fight with Lil’ C for the sandwich. We got 2 sandwiches to share but Lil’ C ended up eating most of my sandwich! Next time she’s getting her own! :p She has already been asking when we are going back for those yummy sandwiches.

Paseo Caribbean Restaurant (Fremont) on Urbanspoon

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  • mariah b March 29, 2010, 4:32 pm

    Usually, I find that the uglier the food, the better it tastes. Im diverse in all aspects of my life including the foods I allow myself to try. I dont think I’ll ever be able to say I have a favorite food but right now Papaya Salad (Laos version) is extremely high on the list. That sandwich is probably one of the most amazing ones in existance. Enjoy 🙂

  • ceemee March 29, 2010, 10:53 pm

    Makes me want a roast beef sandwich! Yum!

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