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More kitchen storage necessary!

Seriously, how many of you have more tableware and flatware than you will ever need or use? I will be the first to admit that I have a lot of them and I still want more!! Everytime I walk into a kitchen store like Pfaltzgraff, I feel like buying up the whole store. It doesn’t help that they always have new designs everytime I walk in. Have you seen their Christmas dinnerware? Oh, so tempting! It would be so nice to have them for all the Christmas parties coming up soon.

Unfortunately I have limited storage space in my kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are already stuffed to the brim. My current Pfaltzgraff kitchen collection are all still in such a good condition that I don’t have any excuse to throw them out. Maybe I should have a garage sale and sell off some of my old tableware and flatware. That way I can buy more tableware and flatware. I think I will run that idea by my husband and see if he agrees.

Speaking of Christmas parties, are you getting ready for lots of holiday entertaining. Don’t forget to check out Food News to catch the latest food news and entertaining ideas.

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