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Bento #91 – Bunnies in a field

Bento #91 - Bunnies in a field

Another simple bento of peanut butter & jelly bunny sandwiches, pineapple slices and cheese sticks.

Lately bento-making has been on a slow side because firstly there had been so many off-days at the school, so lunch had not been necessary. Between field trips, teacher in-service days, parent teacher conference days and other events, I am just learning how many off-days a regular school has. Frankly I am liking those off-days because it is nice to take a break from school and not having to wake up early. 🙂

Secondly, Lil’ C’s birthday is in 2 weeks and I have been busy planning the birthday party. Every year I make Lil’ C’s cake and so I have been cracking my head trying to decide on what kind of cake I will be making. I think I have finally decided on one and I am hoping that it will not be too difficult to make. 😛 Lil’ C’s previous cakes coming up in the next post.

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