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A healthy alternative for Halloween

It will be Halloween in 2 days. Will your kids be going trick-or-treating? What do you do with the bags of chocolate and candies that your kids will be receiving? I admit that I am one of those moms that confiscate the candies that my daughter gets. Seriously, I don’t think I need to feed 1 pound of candy to my girl. She usually ends up getting just 1 piece of candy from her candy stash. As for the rest of the candy, I usually end up sending them to my husband’s office. Apparently, there are a few like-minded people in the office because according to my husband, there are a lot of candies in the break room after Halloween.

Since candies are not good for the kids and probably a lot of them are going to end up in the trash anyway, what about giving out a healthier alternative. Check out Trick or Treat Me for this healthier option. Chocolate milk is healthy, a great source of calcium and most importantly kids love them. This chocolate milk in shelf stable cartons can be kept in the pantry and refrigerated when needed and does not contain preservatives. Not only are these chocolate healthy for the kids, the milk cartons are also healthy for the environment. The cartons are mainly made from paper, a recyclable and renewable resource that can be replenished and they have a low carbon footprint.

For more information about healthier alternatives for Halloween, check out Twick or Tweet Me and hey, there’s even a coupon available for you. So drop those candies and give out chocolate milk instead this year for the little trick-or-treaters. I am sure that their parents will appreciate this healthier treat a lot.


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