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Boom Noodle @ Bellevue

A friend has been recommending Boom Noodle to us for a while but we have never had time to drop by. Well, last week, we finally decided to drop by.

 Boom Noodles 1

Love their decor! Their seating were mainly communal tables which seems to be the trend lately. We went for an early lunch, so we had the whole huge table to ourselves.

Boom Noodle serves mostly Ramen and Izakaya and I love that because DH loves Ramen while I love Izakaya. So we both got what we wanted. He ordered the Shio Ramen (chicken confit, bay scallops, naruto, bamboo shoots, corn, shiitake muschrooms, green onions, chicken/pork broth) and he loved it.

Boom Noodles 2

I got a couple of Izakaya to share. This is the Ebi Katsu (phyllo and sesame crusted white prawns, ume boshi & shiso dipping sauce). Very nice & crunchy. Wish there were more on the plate. 😛

Boom Noodles 3

Sizzling Toban Beef (Sake marinated flatiron steak with shitake mushroom, onion & garlic. Served with yuzu pepper dipping sauce). A simple yet tasteful dish.

Boom Noodles 4

Lil’ C wanted dessert so we got the Boom Waffle which was served with azuki beans & ice-cream. Unfortunately they ran into trouble with the waffle machine. It took them a long time before they got it right. Before the waffle was served, the nice waitress came by and informed us that the waffles were on the house since it took them so long to make it. Yay! that’s what I call good customer service. Frankly we didn’t even realize that the waffle took a long time because we were so busy eathing but I am not about to turn down free food, right? 😛 Nice job, Boom Noodles for great customer service.

Boom Noodles 5

Before we left, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this cool bottle that they left on each table for water refill. Very cute!

Boom Noodles 6

Overall it was a great meal and we will definitely be back. There are a couple of dishes that I would love to try.

** Boom Noodle at Bellevue Square is now closed but the one in UVillage remains open (1/7/14)

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  • T.B January 18, 2010, 1:15 pm

    i went with my family to BOOM NOODLE in Bellevue Square last night and i give it a 5 star rating!!!!!!!!! Their food is amazing! i recomend this.

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