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Bento #82 – Stars & Sticks

Ok, I am back! Hopefully I will be consistent with my postings from now on. Lil’ C started Kindergarten today!! It’s a happy day! 🙂 I dropped her off today at school and she just ran into class. Whatever happen to all the lingering hugs & “mommy, I miss you”?? Sigh, she’s all grown up. She’s even got her own desk in class with all personalized school supplies and everything!

We didn’t pack a bento today because I promised her that I will take her out for lunch at any place that she chooses. Yeah, she will only be going for 3 hours, so she won’t be having lunch at school but I will still be packing lunch for her since she will have other activities in the afternoon. Most probably I will be starting new bentos tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s another bento that we did over the summer.

Bento #82 - Stars & Sticks

A bento made up of chicken mozarella ravioli in marinara sauce topped with cheese stars, edamame on picks, chocolate almond Pocky on the side and a banana.  In case you are interested, THIS is how I freeze my spaghetti sauce in the right portions to save time and money.

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  • wen September 1, 2009, 12:20 am

    very colorful. like the edamame!

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