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Bento #81 – Rolls & Picks

* dust dust * cough cough * Dusting cobwebs * Excuse me while I clean the dust off this blog. 😛  It has been a while since I last blog but I hava a good reason. I was on vacation!! That counts, right? Normally I would try to schedule posts during vacations but this was a last minute vacation, so it didn’t leave me enough time to schedule posts. At the last minute, DH decided that we would be taking a road trip. It ended up being a 2000 mile road trip!!! It was a tiring trip but we had a lot of fun and most importantly, Lil’ C had a blast playing with her cousins.

Since returning from our trip, I have been busy getting school supplies for Lil’ C because she starts Kindergarten in 1 week! My baby’s growing up! With school starting, it also means that the bento frenzy is about to start too. So stay tune for new bentos coming up next week. But for now, here’s another bento from the archives.

Bento #81 - Rolls & Picks

There’s something about food on picks and roll-ups that really appeal to a 4 year old. Somehow she always end up eating more. For this bento, I made Nutella Roti Canai (Crispy pancake) Roll, edamame, grapes, cheesesticks and ham.  The crispy pancake is available frozen from the Asian grocery store.

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  • wen August 28, 2009, 12:43 am

    still ok, still very clean..hehe

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