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Bento #76 – Panini Craze

Before summer began, I thought that this summer would be a summer of lounging around and doing nothing. Boy, was I wrong!! This is turning out to be the busiest summer that we’ve ever had so far. We’ve been camping almost every weekend since Memorial day. Every week, before I can even finish unpacking from one camping trip and doing the laundry (tons of smoke-filled clothes!), I have to pack up for the next camping trip. Squeeze in a couple of playdates in between and it has just been crazy. Even though it has been so busy, I think Lil’ C is having the time of her life and that’s the most important thing. 🙂

The busy schedule also means that I have not been cooking much. But I still have some unpublished photos that I took just as summer was starting. Here’s one of those bento.

Bento #76 - Panini Craze

Since I bought a Panini Pressrecently, Lil’ C has been asking for Panini all the time. Her favorite is Egg Panini with cheese and that’s what is in this bento. Ham rolls, Oreo cookies and cantaloupe makes up the rest of the bento.

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